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Alicudi and Filicudi




 is the island of heather due to the pink blanket that covers its lavic surface in spring- time. This island (5.2 km2) once called "Ericusa" is an extinct volcano that rises out of the sea to reach the summit of Monte Filo dell'Arpa (657 m; also known as Timpone della Montagnola). This is the smallest and western-most of the inhabited Aeolian islands and lies about 67 miles from Milazzo. It is not part of the mass tourism circuit and the only landing area is near the Scoglio della Palomba. Tourists accommodation is only possible in boarding-houses and private homes. Near the village there is a rise called "Timpone delle femmine'. Women used to be hidden in this almost impenetrable location to prevent them from being kidnapped by the pirates during their raids. The boat tour along the 4 kilometres of the island's coast slowly exposes enchanting spots and peculiar red and black rocks separating the little beaches from each other. The completely uninhabited western side of the island shows particularly suggestive walls falling into the water. The stair-shaped eastern side is exactly the opposite. You can see the church of San Bartolomeo rising above the houses of Alicudi and offering a wide panorama.


Once it was called 'Phenicusa': "rich in ferns", and a major area of the island is still covered with this type of vegetation. This island, measuring just under 10 km2, lies 9 miles from Alicudi and 19 miles from Lipari. It is the most ragged of this group of islands and geologists believe that its conformation is the product of six eruptive mouths, three of which represent today's peaks of the island: Fossa delle Felci (774 m) which is the oldest; Montagnola (333 m) which is probably the most recent; and Torrione (280 m). This ideal holiday island, light-years away from traffic and noise has two villages lying on a small peninsula stretching out towards the south: Filicudi Porto and Pecorini a Mare. The remains of prehistoric settlements from the Bronze Age have been found here. Excavations have also been car- ried out in the upper area and up to the peak of the Montagnola. Subsequent settlements were built here, probably for defence requirements and deserves a visit. The island's has a road so you can either hire a moped or ride a bike.

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